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Promoting students, artists, fashions & entrepreneurs worldwide  



         - Fashions & Styles
         - Healthy eating habits
         - Drug free community


We strongly support and promote student fashion designers, their products & models,  and  love to encourage  young entrepreneurs and their talents.  By sponsoring Fashion Shows, we also  educate & promote healthy eating habits especially among children and youth to maintain healthy bodies, a drug free community, the importance of fashions & styles to develop self-confidence. We  provide academic scholarships to students majoring in fashion related studies and coordinate with educational programs. Student fashion designers are encouraged to send us their product line online.  

fashion show


Our FASHION BOMBS fashion show  promoted the awareness of fashions & was a smash hit! The on-stage talent was electrifying! 

Arts & Fashion Foundation



Members are welcome to post their fashion designs & products to promote fashions as well themselves. 



Since 2006,  Hollywood Arts & Fashion Foundation has been promoting fashion designers, their products & the models to the Top brands like Gap, H&M, Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria Secret, Banana Republic, American Eagle, Levy, JFerrar, Stafford as well to other international brands, distributors and retailers in  USA, ​​Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Singapore &  Brazil.