- Fashions & Styles
         - Healthy eating habits
         - Drug free community



Styles & Fashions is dedicated to  promoting fashion designers, their products & the models to the Top brands like Gap, H&M, Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria Secret, Banana Republic, American Eagle, Levy, JFerrar, Stafford as well to other international brands, distributors and retailers .

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fashion show


Our FASHION BOMBS fashion show  promoted the awareness of fashions & was a smash hit! The on-stage talent was electrifying! 



Members are welcome to post their fashion designs & products to promote fashions as well themselves. 


We strongly support and promote student fashion designers, their products & models,  and  love to encourage  young entrepreneurs and their talents.  By sponsoring Fashion Shows, we also  educate & promote healthy eating habits especially among children and youth to maintain healthy bodies, a drug free community, the importance of fashions & styles to develop self-confidence. We  provide academic scholarships to students majoring in fashion related studies and coordinate with educational programs. Student fashion designers are encouraged to send us their product line online.